The photometry laboratory offers a complete service to the lighting industry to determine the light emission characteristics and thus provide fundamental criteria for lighting technology projects.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and has two goniophotometers: one with a rotating mirror for measuring all types of light sources and the other for measuring LED light sources. We also have an integrating sphere and spectroradiometer for measuring the photobiological risk of LED light sources.

We supply complete photometric studies, spectral and colorimetric measurements together with electrical power supply data and luminaire consumption and efficacy data. Photobiological safety measures as well as luminous flux and colour maintenance measures and long-term flux maintenance projection studies.

Main tests offered in photometry:

Photometric measurements

Photometric measurements according to EN 13032-4, EN 13032-1, IES LM-79, Pub. CIE S025, Pub. CIE 121, Pub CIE 84, Pub. CIE 34.

The main information obtained is as follows:

— Matrices of intensities.
— Polar, Cartesian and isolux diagrams.
— Maximum luminous intensity and its direction.
— Luminous flux measurements.
— Luminous efficacy.
— Tables of UGR values.
— Zonal Flows and Upper and Lower Hemisphere Flows.
— EULUMDAT files (ldt), IES, CIE, etc.

Photometry Low Voltage

Spectral and colour measurements

Spectral and colour measurements according to EN 13032-4, IES LM-79, Pub. CIE 63, Pub. CIE 15, Pub. CIE 13.3, Pub CIE 84.

The main information obtained is as follows:
— Spectral diagram.
— Correlated colour temperature (CCT)
— Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
— Spectral radiant flux.
— Chromatic co-ordinates (x,y),(u,v), (u’, v’)
— Duv
— Colourimetry diagram CIE1931


Photobiological safety measures

Photobiological safety measures of LED light sources according to IEC/EN 62471 and technical report IEC/TR 62778.

LED light sources are characterised by emitting in the blue light area of the spectrum and can cause eye damage to users depending on the exposure time and distance to the light source. This is known as “Blue Light Hazard “.

Main information to be provided:
— Spectral distribution.
— Radiance and irradiance measurements.
— Classification of the light source according to the photobiological risk to the user.


Performance measurements of LED modules, luminaires and LED luminaires

Performance measurements of LED modules, luminaires and LED luminaires in accordance with IEC/EN 62717, IEC/EN 62722-1 and IEC/EN 62722-2-1

Measurement of electrical, photometric, colorimetric and life performance, etc.


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