Energy efficiency

Ecodesign and energy labelling

There is worldwide demand for more efficient products to reduce the consumption of energy and other natural resources in line with improving overall sustainability.

LCOE has years of expertise in measuring energy efficiency and in labelling energy consumption for different types of products. These tests serve as proof of compliance with Ecodesign and energy labelling requirements in the EU and other parts of the world.

Ecodesign sets common EU wide minimum standards to eliminate the least performing products from the market. The energy labels provide a clear and simple indication of the energy efficiency and other key features of products at the point of purchase. This makes it easier for consumers to save money on their household energy bills and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the EU.

We test the energy efficiency of the following product groups:

  • External power supplies (switching power supplies, transformers and chargers)
  • Household appliances
  • Light sources and/or related operating equipment
  • Consumer electronics products, audio, video and related devices
  • Information and communication technology products and office equipment
  • Etc.

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