Electrical safety

For more than 70 years, the LCOE has been faithful to its founding spirit, serving industry by providing a quality service in testing, measurement and inspection in the electrotechnical field.

We have wide recognition and accredited experience in the performance of tests related to electrical safety and the protection of users and their environment against risks arising from the use of electrical equipment.

Fridge testing Low Voltage LCOE

The broad scope of the laboratory’s accreditation, both nationally (ENAC) and internationally (IECEE, CB, CCA, ENEC), allows LCOE to offer testing services with the maximum technical guarantees, market access and compliance with the legal requirements.

Security measurements LCOE Low Voltage

For the automotive type-approval part, LCOE is a Technical Service designated and recognised by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINCOTUR) to carry out tests (regulatory acts) for the European homologation of vehicles of all categories and their components and, at national level, for individual homologation and refurbishments.

In the case of electrical safety of electric vehicles, the tests corresponding to Regulation 100ECE on electrical safety are carried out on both the complete vehicle and the battery.

Electrical safety tests are carried out on the following product groups:

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